A New Deal for Leflore County

2018 mirrors 1932. Republican economic policies led to and worsened the greatest economic crisis in world history. The impact on the working poor and middle class Americans was devastating. Franklin Roosevelt’s promised and delivered on a New Deal for America.

Our campaign is promising a New Deal for Oklahomans. We will reverse the disastrous policies that have failed our state. 

The New Deal for Oklahomans will not raise but restore the disastrous tax cuts that were given to the wealthiest Oklahomans.  From Luke 12:48. From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required”. 

EDUCATION - We will properly fund education at every level so that the least among us can have access to opportunity.  Great schools attract great businesses and great people.

HEALTHCARE - We will fight for the expansion of Medicaid (90% paid by the federal government) so that small town hospitals not only stay open but can provide the healthcare people in leflore county deserve. This will also save jobs. 

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - We will fight for expansion of Oklahoma Promise. Currently capped for children whose family income is $50,000, we want to expand it to the middle class up to household incomes of $150,000. 

We will work to get more money for Carl Albert State College so that they expand course offerings and offer four year programs to attract more students that leave for UAFS and elsewhere. 

RECREATION AND CONSERVATION - We will fight for state parks like the Heavener Runestone to reopen and to expand others providing jobs but also providing a safe place for families to enjoy. We will work with already impressive efforts by local communities like Poteau to attract more tourism dollars for the Ouachita National Forest.  We will work to try to provide state funding for important local projects like the Frisco Trail, the Poteau swimming pool and tennis courts. 

We will fight any attempts to sell Oklahoma water and we will fight any efforts that might destroy our beautiful natural scenery in Southeastern Oklahoma or threaten our health and welfare.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORTATION - We will insist that highway nine be expanded to four lanes so that needed investments from companies can come to district three.  We will fight to restore state funding so that our crumbling infrastructure can be the best in the state.

ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION - By providing the best schools and colleges, the best roads, the best parks and hospitals we believe that Leflore County could gain incredible economic growth as Fort Smith continues to expand.  Communities in Leflore County are incredibly attractive due to low real estate prices and beautiful new housing developments.  However, people will not relocate here if they see school that are not funded, roads and bridges in disrepair, a college that must raise tuition and reduce course offerings, and medical care that may not be available because government and our legislators did not do their job.


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